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My name is Moritz Bunk and I am a filmmaker. From early on in my life I had a passion for films of all kinds, and when I had to give my life a professional direction, a career to pursue, it seemed like the only logical choice - to spend my life making films!

I was born in 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany. When I was fifteen, I began shooting short films with a friend in our free time. We explored different genres and types, starting out with a rather absurd 40 minute comedy starring ourselves in almost every role, and culminating in a 13 minute stop-motion animated film made with Lego and Playmobil toys, which we shot in our basement over the course of 10 months. Soon after, we both decided we had to pursue film as a career.

At first I studied 2D/3D animation and digital production at 'The German Film School' in Berlin, Germany, and then worked as a freelance digital artist in Berlin, before returning to film school to further study editing and directing at the 'Academy of Art University' in San Francisco, California.

As part of my studies I have written and directed many short films, both live-action as well as 2D and 3D animation, and have tried my hand in different genres, writing both comedy, as well as drama. You can check out a selection of my past projects on this website - I have listed my works in the Projects section (for live-action films) and Animation section (for animated projects) respectively.

Currently I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, freelancing in the local film industry to gain experience as an editor and production intern on professional film productions here in Canada.

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Editing Reel - 2010

Moritz Bunk - Reel 2010 from moritz bunk on Myspace.